Office Staff

Director of Career Education - Mari Swayne (Contact Mari Swayne)
Assistant Director of Career Education - Jenn Sahagun (Contact Jenn Sahagun)
Administrative Assistant - Bridget Wharton (Contact Bridget Wharton)
Administrative Assistant - Vianey Sherwood (Contact Vianey Sherwood)
Community Liaison - Carletta Sullivan (Contact Carletta Sullivan)
Treasurer - Nancy Komenda-Rapp (Contact Nancy Komenda-Rapp)
Nurse - Karen Young (Contact Karen Young)
Cafeteria Manager - Leanne Lamb (Contact Leanne Lamb)
Head Custodian - Paul Thompson (Contact Paul Thompson)
Technology - Brian Vought (Contact Brian Vought)

Automotive Services

Guy "Randy" Craig (Contact Guy "Randy" Craig)


Tom Corbett (Contact Tom Corbett)
John Dawson (Contact John Dawson)
Brent Inman (Contact Brent Inman)
Dixie Martin (Contact Dixie Martin)
John Schultheis (Contact John Schultheis)
Sonia Walker (Contact Sonia Walker)
Warren Wallace (Contact Warren Wallace )

CAP - Civil Air Patrol

Frank Merrill (Contact Frank Merrill)

Collision Repair

Clarence McGowen (Contact Clarence McGowen)

Computer/Information Technology

Kevin Kelly (Contact Kevin Kelly)

Computer Science

Dylan Follett (Contact Dylan Follett)

Construction Technology

Aaron Cain (Contact Aaron Cain)

Cosmetology & Barbering

Claudia Heck (Contact Claudia Heck)
Casandra Evans (Contact Casandra Evans)
Michael T. Johnson (Contact Michael T. Johnson)

Criminal Justice

Jason Glover (Contact Jason Glover)

Culinary Arts

Gracie Sahm (Contact Gracie Sahm)
Christy Leavitt (Contact Christy Leavitt)
Royce Williams (Contact Royce Williams)

Exceptional Learners

Kelly DeCrane (Contact Kelly DeCrane) Supported Employment Coordinator
Hillary Pyle (Contact Hillary Pyle) Special Ed/Work Specialist

Health Sciences

Charise Dunlap (Contact Charise Dunlap)
Carolyn Gauen (Contact Carolyn Gauen)
Kristen Ziegler (Contact Kristen Ziegler )
Rande Brooks (Contact Rande Brooks)

Interactive Media

Kent London (Contact Kent London)

PLTW Biomedical Sciences

Kelly Bozoian (Contact Kelly Bozoian)
Amy Hinshaw (Contact Amy Hinshaw)
Paul Legge (Contact Paul Legge)
Amy Mitchell (Contact Amy Mitchell)

PLTW Pre-Engineering

Cole Bonewit (Contact Cole Bonewit)
Heather Cameron (Contact Heather Cameron)
Jeff Smith (Contact Jeff Smith)


Jeanine Jordan (Contact Jeanine Jordan)